Catherine Dearlove

Managing Director, Efficiency Expert

Initially, I “fell into” Business. Becoming an accidental e-commerce entrepreneur for the first 7 years of my career. Riding the wave of a strong export market, I was able to learn first hand the ins and outs of running a small business. The challenges, highs and lows and the all to familiar overwhelm of trying to do it all yourself.

In both my small business and corporate career, one thing stood out to me. Too many business owners are enslaved in an administrative nightmare, trying to do it all, and making personal sacrifices in an attempt to get it all done. I know, because I’ve been there, that the work you would least like to be doing is reserved for late nights and weekends and prevent you from gaining momentum and growing your business as a result.

As a natural problem solver, I’m extremely passionate about working smarter, creating efficient processes, and helping you realise the freedom that should come with owning your own business.

At risk of sounding entirely cliché, I really do believe we should enjoy what we do, and each and every person has the power to design a life they love.
A colleague once told me “enthusiasm is your superpower”, and I now spend my days injecting that enthusiasm back into my clients businesses. I take great pride in being unflappable, calm and composed under pressure and simply getting it done.

In business, there are the things you love, the things you loathe, and the things you simply have no time for. We take care of what you don’t want to, so that you can focus on what gets you up in the morning, rather than what keeps you up at night!

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We aren’t interested in just “ticking boxes”, instead ensuring we full consultation and gain a clear understanding of your business in order to be a true extension of your team.

We’ll get to the bottom of how you’re currently working, what’s NOT working and what you’re hoping to achieve by working with us. We’ll ask questions about the type of work you are needing assistance with, how long you feel this work is currently taking you to complete and what systems you are currently using. From there we can come back to you with an overview of how we can best support your business in achieving its goals.

We find it best to arrange a face to face meeting, to answer any questions you have and confirm the very best way for us to work together. If you’re happy, we’ll get to work!

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