What do you need to know?

We aren’t interested in just “ticking boxes”, instead ensuring we full consultation and gain a clear understanding of your business in order to be a true extension of your team.

We’ll get to the bottom of how you’re currently working, what’s NOT working and what you’re hoping to achieve by working with us. We’ll ask questions about the type of work you are needing assistance with, how long you feel this work is currently taking you to complete and what systems you are currently using. From there we can come back to you with an overview of how we can best support your business in achieving its goals.

We find it best to arrange a face to face meeting, to answer any questions you have and confirm the very best way for us to work together. If you’re happy, we’ll get to work!

How do we work together?

Whether you need help short term, sporadically, or assistance with regular ongoing tasks, we take the time to provide the perfect fit for your business.

In most instances, we work remotely (at our own place of work) unless of course, onsite support is what you require. We utilise our portfolio of modern, cloud based systems which mean you’ll barely notice we’re not right there next to you.

Whether you need assistance on a regular, recurring basis or infrequently and on-demand, the tasks will be done on time and precisely how you like them. Better still – you only ever pay for the time we actually work (plus any associated expenses). No need to worry about fixed hours, break times, KiwiSaver, PAYE or annual leave!

Do we need have to train you?

You might be surprised at just how agile and quick witted we are, as we tend to pick things up much quicker than expected. The handover to us is always less cumbersome than you might think.

That being said, we don’t like to make assumptions when it comes to your business and working style, so most clients conduct around 1 hour worth of training and handover up front.

We certainly aren’t precious, and welcome your feedback on an ongoing basis to ensure we remain on the same page and the work we are doing for you is top-notch!

How is your time billed?

Each time we work on your behalf, this is logged in our Timer App with a detailed description of exactly what was completed. Our time is always billed in 15-minute increments unless otherwise arranged.

As we work “on demand” you only ever pay for our time as requested, plus any relevant expenses (ie, travel, printing). We take care of all our own overheads and better yet, there’s no need to worry about fixed hours, break times, Kiwisaver, PAYE or annual leave!